Addiction by Tyler Shields

As a photographer, Tyler Shields has always endeavoured to capture the controversial. Smudging the lines between popular culture, political satire and social commentary, he aims to make a statement with every click of the camera.

Tyler is best known for controversial works that have challenged celebrity culture or provoked the fashion industry, from daring glamour shots with snakes and alligators to alluring shots with models and celebrities, his work explores many facets of the human condition.

His photographs capture much of the most over-the-top, brutal aspects of contemporary celebrity culture, that of which addiction takes a large role. Drugs, sex, money and even food are all considered to have addictive natures, and Tyler doesn’t shy away from highlighting these in his work.

His 2013 series, A Dirty Side of Glamour, captures numerous moments of addiction in celebrity culture. Emma Roberts, a long time friend of the photographer, is captured in an abundance of US bills, whilst Spencer Falls and Sarah Carroll are shot in a moment of embrace.

The artist’s 2012 image titled Pill, from his Mouthful series, takes another playful look into addiction. The bright red lips, full of colorful pills, contrast with the starck black background to produce a beautifully cropped portrait.

Photograph Bunny, from Tyler’s 2015 Summer collection, stars model Page Ruth. The image is inspired by the classic American film Batman and is one of Shield’s more playful photographs, bring a seductive twist on contemporary culture.

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